Our Story

80 years of combined experience to bring you superior knowledge in all facets of logistical services.

Trans Wonderland Ltd (TWL)is one of PNG’s largest landowner companies in the LNG project area, encompassing seven petroleum development licenses (PDLs) and a range of associated pipeline, hydrocarbon processing and operations facilities.

Trans Wonderland Ltd (TWL) was established in 2002 with its genesis arising from Oil Search’s foresight to support the establishment of a local Landowner company to deliver the critical road transport requirements from Lae to the operating fields.

This genesis demonstrates just how key landowner collaboration is to success in mining and resource projects in PNG, where culture and custom underpin economic and social development. It’s also why landowner collaboration is at the core of TWL’s constitution. Through its 28 shareholder companies, TWL covers four provinces, eight ethnic groupings, seven petroleum development licenses and well over 10,000 people holding shares, either individually or through their clans. Robust corporate governance, visionary strategic direction and seamless business model execution are paramount to securing the best possible outcomes for PNG, its landowners and its economy.

“Though we speak eight ethnic languages we speak only one commercial language of transparency, accountability and good governance as articulated in the Company’s Constitution.”
- TWL Chairman Mark Sakai