Group History

Built on Integration and Collaboration

Under the astute leadership of Managing Director Larry Andagali, TWL has grown to be one of the country’s major transportation and logistics companies.

TWL’s founding contract was a $US192 million transportation undertaking in 2010 for ExxonMobil on the PNG LNG project. The contract required TWL to coordinate logistics and transport on the Northern route to deliver more than 26,000 loads over the 800 kilometres of the Highlands Highway with a fleet in excess of 500 vehicles, including its own vehicles and those owned privately and by other landowner companies. TWL’s skilful development and coordination of the transport fleet, whilst managing the time-pressured requirements of major petroleum owners and international logistics companies, served as its breakthrough into bigger development contracts.

TWL’s platform trucking business has undertaken consistent growth in the decade since successfully completing that project, and now encompasses a large fleet of diverse equipment supported by depot workshops in Lae, Mt Hagen, Moro and Hides.

Creating a strong and sustainable economic legacy beyond Oil & Gas

Our vision: To develop an integrated and sustainable transportation and logistics business that will last beyond the life of oil and gas in PNG.

TWL works closely with its resource owner partners to develop and expand its business model capabilities with a view to leveraging core business capabilities into other market opportunities and not being solely dependent on the PNG LNG landowner contracts.

TWL Data is an aerial mapping and geographical information company providing high quality, smart aerial and GIS mapping services and was part of TWL’s long-term plans to diversify its capabilities around the requirements of resource operators and provide some regional diversity to our business portfolio. TWL’s interest in aviation capabilities resulted in a 2014 acquisition of a controlling interest in Advance Aviation Group Pty Ltd (AAG), an Australian company with bases in Emerald, Mackay and Brisbane in Queensland which is branded as TWL Data. TWL Data has been contracted to conduct high resolution imagery and high density mapping over approximately 3,000 square kilometres across major urban centres in Papua New Guinea and has also been contracted by the Queensland State Government for energy grid surveys.

The development of an integrated logistics model and increased focus on adjacent and complementary business models led to TWL working closely with Pacific Project Logistics (PPL), a specialist marine project logistics and agency operator . In 2019, TWL successfully acquired 50% equity in PPL, expanding and deepening its logistics capabilities in marine logistics, freight forwarding, fuel distribution and management, vessel chartering and agency services, and oil spill response. The acquisition led to a restructure as TWL Group, and shortly thereafter, a rebrand as TWL Logistics to better represent its broadened capabilities.